The most amazing NYC female Designers

New York City, the Big Apple, known for its sophisticated taste and many skyscrapers. For half of the world  the design capital and a paradise for architecture and interior design so it is no surprise that some of the world’s famous designers are from Manhattan. Interior Decoration wants to give you the highlights of the New York City’s most admired designers. Who are as influential in their profession as wolfs form the Wall Street. Although we would like to show it from the different point of view – the most sensitive and beautiful – the Queens of the New York Design.

InteriorDecoration-The most amazing NYC female Designers- Muriel

Let’s start with a one-of-a-kind woman who has a strong intuitive sense of color and organic spaces. Her roots can be found in Vietnam, Venezuela and even in France, and those are also the sources of her inspiration. She is reflecting the core, the essence of those cultures. In October of 2011 Rizzoli published her book called “The World of Muriel Brandolini” that shows her love of design and unconventional aesthetic. This outstanding person also a winner of the HUE Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012, and featured in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue or Architectural Digest. From fabrics to furniture, home décor to clothing, her sensitive designs are also both fun and playful at the same time. For the success she can thank her talent and determination and of course, a pure love of design. Take a minute to see her work below !

InteriorDecoration-The most amazing NYC female Designers-countryside

InteriorDecoration-The most amazing NYC female Designers-design

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Interior Decoration would like to present another exceptional woman of New York – Victoria Hagan. Her talent was noticed shortly after starting her career by The New York Times and since then her approaches to the Interiors was complimented in various other magazines. Her style are strong silhouettes and polished pieces from her own furniture collection. She was also awarded many honors and is invited as a quest to speak nationwide. A refined use of materials and sophisticated color is her business card as well. After founding her company over 20 years ago she had a chance to work on  lot of projects, from the most elegant urban residences to casual weekend retreats. In 2002 she launched an amazing line of furniture and fabric sold and was given a title of the Furniture Designer of the Year by Elle Décor in 2006.

InteriorDecoration-The most amazing NYC female Designers-portrait


InteriorDecoration-The most amazing NYC female Designers-city

InteriorDecoration-The most amazing NYC female Designers-waterside

As you can see, among the Kings of the design in New York we can find also remarkable Queens who are not afraid to show their talent and energy. Interior Decoration hopes you enjoyed it !

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