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Whether it is a star hotel, corporate house or your home sweet home, guests are first introduced to a lobby. No matter if the entrance is large or small, it is vital to make your lobby inviting so as to make a great impression when your friends and family visit you. Most of the home owners tend to neglect decorating a lobby as they find it as a tedious job.

Truth is, everyone wants to make an impression on their guests when they enter home through a beautiful and decorative entryway. Whether you have a wide or narrow lobby, you can make it interesting with the help of some ideas. Here you will find inspiration to make the most of your entryway.


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The lobby is responsible for creating the first impression when entering a home, office, hotel, etc. It’s also the last space you see before you exit so it should really stand out with its design. Decorating the lobby or, as it’s sometimes called, the entrance hall is not as easy as it may seem and the task can prove to be challenging ad surprisingly difficult.


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The lighting in a lobby should be a fusion of different types of fixtures. There can be a large chandelier at the center and some mood lighting on the side.


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A lobby is an area where the visitors are made to sit, read and relax. Hence it is important to illuminate every inch of space and make it visually appealing.


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Because the lobby is also often the waiting area in the case of hotels for example, it’s important for these spaces to be inviting and comfortable so the furniture needs to be chosen accordingly. Whether you’re opting for chairs, sofas, ottomans or couches, keep comfort in mind when choosing the design.


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Pay attention to the architecture of the space. For example, a lobby with high ceilings can feature a sculptural design that draws attention to the area above while a space with low ceilings can impress in other ways, like with an interesting design that wraps around the room.

With such ideas and now that you know exactly what are the major items to be included in your lobby, are you already thinking of a makeover? Be inspired!


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