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the most beautifull glassware that you should have at your table


Sailing through decades, the art of glass  is an expression of the desire of something invisible but at the same time very impressive. It was allways very designed, looking for the special essence . Our dining tables are a trully composition and know at this example, it´s only in glass.milan9 (1)

Baccarat is the one leading company in glassworks, since 1764, is a legacy doing works in crystal. It´s the luxury glass, every design piece is unique. And through decades the different styles are visible, such the very contemporary glass by Philippe Starck, the Harcourt Darkside AIE glass in clear crystal, it belongs to the oldest collection Harcourt1841 collection .harcourt darkside  2

In this category of champagne glasses and cocktail glasses we have many interpretations: modern glasses to vintage glasses, is a real design history. Colors are an item that combines with contemporary (1)cat-cocktails

In this goblets collection the charming is the quality wich better define it.The rythm of the pattern in the glass is some kind of texture that elevate this contemporary


Also at table acessories, we admire the detail of each drawing on surface. This lemon squeezer is so unique, a luxury design product in all it´s existence.Harcourt lemon squeezerambiance_arabesque_33

This Arabesque bowl is so elegant and very candy, you would love to have it at your table. So clean image, simple but with everything. Combining with the Arabesque dessert plate the table now is complete: it become a luxurious table, with crystal as a primal desire material.arabrsque

In this Mille Nuit three-level pastry stand is a charming centerpiece. The decorative crystal plates and the varnished silver-plated metal stand are both elegant and functional. The crystal offers a luminosity that connects with light feelings, is so pleasant.

mille nuits 2

At your table, crystal is an imperative for a unique luxury meal. This material can create the most usual design piece into unusual object. Enjoying the transformation of a normal daily life to an exquisite way of living.



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