Celebrate design with Marco Piva

Celebrate design with Marco Piva amazing ideas, perfect for design lovers.

Exciting and functional. This is the language that distinguishes marco piva’s, one of the best interior designers in italy. The effort in material research and technology, the value of differentiation,the design innovation, lead the establishment of studiodada associates, whose production becomes one of the most representative of the period of radical design. A traveller and a designer, an innovator who is educated in rational approaches, marco piva studies and creates design solutions which are pervaded by stylistic freedom and compositional sobriety.

If you are a connoisseur of interior design you have to meet marco piva. One of the largest architects and interior designers in italy.

Celebrate design with Marco Piva 1

City life is the company that is working on the re-qualification of an area of around 255,000 square metres in the centre of the former trade fair area of milan.

Celebrate design with Marco Piva 2

The new architectural design developed by marco piva configures a complex where the historical building, fully restored, is joined to a new contemporary designed building.

Celebrate design with Marco Piva 3

Club-house is a project in the vip area located in west shanghai, the street of luxury residential houses china. Marco piva has been appointed to study the best solution for a sample house of a complex of 72 villas, combining an absolutely contemporary sign with traditional chinese one.

Celebrate design with Marco Piva 4

The exedra suites in rome arise from the idea of angelo boscolo, as an alternative interpretation of the architectural spaces of this historical hotel.

Celebrate design with Marco Piva 5

Its original schematic architecture – developed by a yugoslavian engineering company – has been revised and expanded by studio marco piva, which is also responsible for all the hotel’s interiors.


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