Italy is synonymous of luxury furniture – Interior Decoration

Italy is synonymous of luxury furniture

Written by: Carolina Sá

Italy is synonymous with luxury furniture with glamour and curated design.

 Italy is home to some of the most respected designers in the world, in both the field of fashion and interior design. Italy´s design is synonymous with chic, luxury and glamour. As italian culture is devoted to aesthetics, and their designers have a good understanding of color, texture and symmetry. They merge traditional, luxurious design elements with modern flair and functionality to create something that is interesting and indulgent while also modern, earthy and neutral colors and an understated sophistication are all important elements of italian interior design.

Italy is synonymous with luxury furniture1

Italy is synonymous with luxury furniture2


Interior design in italy can be traced back as far as the roman empire, when the rich used frescoes and mosaics to brighten up their homes. Even these mosaics, as beautiful as they were, served a purpose – reflecting the customs and values that were important in the society of the time.

Italy is synonymous with luxury furniture3

In the medieval era, italian nobles would use frescoes, marble, mosaics, glassware and sculpted furniture to make their mark on their properties. In renaissance times, gilded mirrors, oriental carpets and velvet drapery were the fashions of the time. The arrival of art deco in the 20thcentury saw fashions move to lighter fabrics and fixtures, with round and oval shapes being an important part of every design.

Famous italian interior designers

One of the most famous modern italian interior designers was joe colombo, an architect and designer from milan. He made a name for himself working with new modern materials such as pvc, and won awards for innovative designs such as the acrilica lamp, which he made for o-luce. He revolutionized the concept of living spaces, and was the creator of the universale chair.

Italy is synonymous with luxury furniture4

By counterflix

Another famous italian designer is enzo mari. He is best known for his work in the field of programmed and kinetic art. He has won four golden compass awards, and was the author of function of aesthetic research. His influences can be found in many pieces of modern italian furniture.

Italy is synonymous with luxury furniture5


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