Rugs: How To Place?

Nothing compares to the soft, luxurious feeling of a wool carpet under your feet. Today Interior Decoration offers you a beautiful selection of rugs to help you choose the perfect way to place a rug in your interiors.

Luckily, nowadays the variety of rugs is gigantic and you can find an unique indoor rug for every room. From hand tufted rugs, hand knotted rugs, round area rugs, living room rugs, modern rugs… there’s no end to your range of choice!


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Start by using area rugs to denote a specific space within a larger room, such as under a dining table and chairs – you will see that a large wool rug will define the dining area without confining it.

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There is also the belief that rug is wasted when too much of it is hidden under furniture, in corners or underneath baseboards. So, you can choose to place your wool rug in the kitchen or the bathroom where usually you don’t have much furniture.

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If you like to be bold in your interiors style, you can place your rug where it usually is less expected.

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In the hallway, a wool rug may pratically add a nonslip surface to the entry, and it also gives a visual break from a bare floor.

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In the living room, the area rug serves the purpose of visually warming up and defining the space as it also provides a point of interest while anchoring the coffee table and sitting area within a large room.

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The bedroom is also an inviting part of the house to place your wool rug. It calls for your barefeet and makes you feel comfortable.

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If you were missing inspiration, now you have many ideas to be audacious and reinvent your interior space. Think outside the box and make the most of your beautiful rugs.

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