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10 Amazing Velvet Sofas

The living room is one of the most important rooms in a house. Most times this is the place where you spend great part of your time, where you relax and have some good time with your family and friends.

One of the great options you have to get a living room where you would like to stay almost all day long is by using a velvet sofa. Velvet is synonymous of luxury! It reminds us the royalty and their luxury palaces. Can you think in a better feelling than this? With a velvet sofa you can make amazing living room sets, typical of luxury houses.

A velvet sofa is one of the biggest furniture investments you’ll make — and one of the most permanent. Even if you’re just buying one for a temporary fix, it’ll eventually get demoted from the living room to the family room to the basement and, finally, the dorm. Before you know it, a decade or more has passed, and that impulse purchase has become part of your life. So give some thought to it before you buy.

With that in mind, today Interior Decoration made a great selection of 10 amazing velvet sofas! Here you will find some amazing living room decorating ideas using velvet sofas design. Be inspired!


10 Amazing Velvet Sofas (1)

Tufted Sofa – Velvet Sofa. Isn’t this a beautiful design?

10 Amazing Velvet Sofas (1)

In a modern living room, this gray velvet sofa looks amazing!

10 Amazing Velvet Sofas (2)

The best velvet sofa has joints that are double doweled and fitted with corner blocks that are both glued and screwed (not stapled) into place.

10 Amazing Velvet Sofas (3)

These two sofas make a statement in every room. Beautiful, right?

10 Amazing Velvet Sofas (4)

Here is an amazing velvet sofa. Very sober, very classy, very beautiful.

10 Amazing Velvet Sofas (5)

A little bolder and more feminin, this black velvet sofa will make you feel like living in a palace!

10 Amazing Velvet Sofas (6)

Tufted sofas can be very romantic. This is a great example of it.

10 Amazing Velvet Sofas (7)

This modern sofa brings fascinating luxury into your homw. A great example of a beautiful blue navy tufted sofa.

10 Amazing Velvet Sofas (8)

You surely agree that this vintage dark cherry velvet sofa is absolutely stunning!

10 Amazing Velvet Sofas (9)

Modern Classic Dark Brown Velvet Sofa. A magnificent choice for your living room!

10 Amazing Velvet Sofas


The selection of fabric in a sofa is decisive in creating an attractive appearance. Vevet sofas are very luxurious. Wouldn’t you love having one of these in your home?


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