Top Designers You’ll Want To Follow

Do you ever feel like you’ve been searching for ideas and tips for your home decor projects, but you never find exactly the whole information? On the other hand, are you one of those people who usually likes to surf on the internet looking for beautiful home designs to be inspired from? If so, this article is for you.

Those who have dedicated countless hours to gleefully trolling through the endless depths of Pinterest, for example, know there’s no greater joy than stumbling upon a pinner whose style you absolutely love. And if you’re anything like us, more often than not those all-stars turn out to be decorators, architects, and other creative pros themselves.

For that reason, today, Interior Decoration offers you a list of the best designers to follow right this second. Get comfortable—there’s a lot of inspiration ahead.


Alessandra Branca

Top Designers You'll Want To Follow AB

Kelly Wearstler

Top Designers You'll Want To Follow KW

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Logan Killen Interiors

Top Designers You'll Want To Follow LKI

Jamie Meares

Top Designers You'll Want To Follow LM

Lisa Sherry

Top Designers You'll Want To Follow LS

Nick McCullough

Top Designers You'll Want To Follow NC

Ruthie Sommers

Top Designers You'll Want To Follow RS

If you are a social media lover, you will find these top designers in many networks. That means that whenever you need inpiration for you home projects, you can find them online and search for their own projects and tips. Be inspired!


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