Unique inspirational ideas at 100% Design 2015

If you want to find unique design, feel inspired by 100% Design. This tradeshow is a place that brings the most inspirational design for your interior decoration.

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This beautifull and unique design ideas by Charles Lethaby, is a must. These elements can transform your interior decoration.

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Philip Watts Design has amazing pieces , the fauna and flora inspiration creates a unique world for room designs …This table is a liuxury time piece!

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These «satelites» lamps are for a very young atmosphere , they are playing with light and space. This tradeshow is a unique place, the latest best new design ideas you find it here …

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Delightfull once again surprises us, The mixture between music and design is fantastic, this year they are bringing new design such bycicles, ….you must see it!

Heartcover 6

Lighthing is like a drawing Art,  look this iluminated roof is almost the sky at night. In your house you can create  these spaces , are magical.



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