Unique Lamps For Your Perfect Bedroom

Bedroom lighting might seem like a silly idea. But the bedroom is not just for sleeping. For that reason Interior Decoration will share with you a selection of interiors with lamps to enliven your bedside table. Table or reading lamps are a brilliant way to enhance a room. Find below our favorites and pick the right lamp for your most comfortable, luxurious and personal bedroom.

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Unique Lamps For Your Perfect Bedroom 6

Isn’t this a beautiful set of lamps for your master bedroom? A simple, yet great look for your interiors.


Unique Lamps For Your Perfect Bedroom 5

If you prefer to fix your lamps in the ceiling, you can be creative and find the perfect design for your bedroom.


Unique Lamps For Your Perfect Bedroom 4

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Unique Lamps For Your Perfect Bedroom 4

Last but not least, this is on of the best master bedrooms of all time. Don’t you love the natural colors, the materials from wood to leather, the simple shapes…? It seems to be so comfortable and warm. Also the reading lamps are amazing and don’t steal space from your side table, fixed to the wall.


Unique Lamps For Your Perfect Bedroom 3

This room by Peter Shelton has a great mix between modern and vintage design. Notice the beautiful mid century legs of the sofa and the simple lines from the Henningsen nightstand lamps.


Unique Lamps For Your Perfect Bedroom 2

In a Manhattan bedroom designed by Alberto Pinto, the headboard is covered in satin. Pinto designed the ebony-and-zebrawood screen. It could be difficult to find the perfect lamp for this specific space, but Pinto done it right, with a simple and tall bedside lamp.


Unique Lamps For Your Perfect Bedroom 1

The beautiful gold table lamp is the masterpiece between all the bright colors of the room. This is a specific design from David Collins Collection. A pair of table lamps in modern gilt-wood of x form. Keep it in mind if you like simple but classy things. Be inspired!

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