artigo 4

Details are the key for the creation of a special interior: all is thought with attention and care. The materials are also another component that makes possible unique atmospheres: the marble, stainless steel, crystals, gold…artigo 5

For a luxury bath, the dimension of the space is essential to create an almost living bathroom. This space is a place that you can stay there for a long time, to live it confortably. This space is decorated with contemporay furniture, also color is the trend radiant orchid. Contemporary bathrooms are in fashion.artigo 8

The washbasin and bath are also like design pieces, a contemporay 20th furniture. The finest materials and very designing pieces are the elements of this ambiance. A rug  is also a detail that creates a real livingroom.artigo 10

The place of the bath are the centre of this space: is the highest moment of this experience. In bedroom a bed is the main object, on a bathroom is the bath. In this space the curtains helps to create it: you have a dressing table with a mirror that, a floor lamp gives a unique light .You can spend all your time in this interior and get privacy.artigo 11

Contemporary spaces are impressive: the color and the modern furniture are unique. The bath is a real design piece, a magnetic point. The sconces and chandeliers helps to create the feeling of a livingroom plus the rug.artigo 15

A suite has it´s extension on a bathroom, everything is almost the same place. In this one the carpet makes the connection in all spaces. Wood is a material wich makes confortable all spaces, a bathroom is also thinking that way to be very ´home´.artigo 17

The marble is a noble material, creates a drawing in it´s walls and floors, is also a complement.artigo 18

So iconic those design pieces, this modern furniture creates a single space, the chair is an impressive object. This luxury chair changes the atmosphere, the bathroom looks like an Art Gallery. The contemporary 20th century spaces are a real work of Art. artigo13

In certain atmospheres a bath is part of the architectural space, it belongs to that physical structure. artogo17

The candles are the light for romantic bathrooms, to have a shower is a long experience you can do it relaxing, thinking in dreams. Our luxury bathrooms are a really big rooms, it´s function can be transformed into severall, multiple experiences.


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