10 stunning mirrors for unique bathrooms

eda5e422087bc90dfc3c775ac08fa2baBathrooms are a trully living room, every detail is a decorative element. Luxury mirrors, mirror tables, glass pot, flowers…complete a luxury space where you want to spend many time.Capturar

This beautifull big mirror is a complete armoire: with a cabinet and sconces. This elegant mirror, a little classical one. Bathrooms need a special mirror, is the main object to decorate 8f8d3071705e28defb0a653f15e1c784

This bath needed to create their space, we add another mirror! This is a unique corner of the bathroom and mirrors were the main objects to design it. Contemporary interiors are so surprising, this beautifull mirror with a stunning frame is so impressive.b3b08677e4533768b5f3d2f4d9af22beMany luxury hotels has so stunning bathrooms, this beautifull chair, a stunning mirror creates a sophisticated ambiance. Would you like to have it?Wonderful-Home-Luxurious-Bathroom-Overview-Interior-Design-Ideas-

Two mirrors are combined to one console and a washbassin. The wood wall and floor, creates  a very confortable bathroom. The rug color is very similar to mirror frame. Is a whole composition.luxury bathroom marquetteturner

This chill out ambiance is created by low light, behind the mirrors have a light wich redefine it. Are very contemporary mirrors.8ea8a895352e84e0150ed6986be6ec5e

This minimal bathroom is singular, mirror is the wall finishing and sconces conclude it. Is very clean draw, very abstract space.5be48e043b3cfaf5bc60681fa767ded6

You can also decorate your bathroom with more colors, not so abstract and adding vintage design. Beautifull gold ceilling chandeliers, bathtub very iconic, a mirror with a special frame.9d3f852e129b9793b1d8500a44339416

Flowers, white color, marble, dark wood are colors wich feet so well on ambiances like this.Cool-Black-Luxury-Bathrooms-Ideas-Backlit-Mirror-Washstand-White-Towels

A sober space is allways very charming. Lights behind mirror creates special effect: mystery. Modern design is defined with it´s simplicity but very well designed.


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