Marvelous Bathroom Ideas Trends For 2017

Interior Decoration Blog is aware of all the trends in the interior design world, and like we always do, we did a marvelous curated selection of the best luxury bathroom ideas and bathroom inspirations for 2017.

This year isn’t over yet, but 2017 trends are already making the dreams of design lovers. Since magazines and designer’s lookbooks, they are all “talking” on the same subject, 2017 trends!

What kind of bathroom ideas will bring next year? Let’s have a quick look at some of the greatest trends we’ll see in the next months.

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Marvelous Bathroom Ideas Trends For 2017 Interior Design Inspirations

With the help of period fittings and a touch of vintage-inspired glamor, you can give your bathroom a sense of timeless sophistication with this bathroom inspiration.

Marvelous Bathroom Ideas Trends For 2017 Bathroom Design

Pale, glossy finished that reflect light will not only provide ‘wow’ factor but give your bathroom design a bright and open feel.

Marvelous Bathroom Ideas Trends For 2017 Curated Selection

Possessing almost magical, space-enhancing powers, glossy surfaces, mirrored finishes, and glass can make a huge difference in a bathroom.

Marvelous Bathroom Ideas Trends For 2017 Interior Design Inspirations

The tactile texture of the warm wood is the ideal partner for smart stone if you want to give your bathroom design some earthy beauty.

Marvelous Bathroom Ideas Trends For 2017 Interior Design Inspirations

Combine splashes of intense color with on-trend statement patterns is all it takes to introduce life into your bathroom design. Jazzing up plain white ceramics has never been peaceful, so if you have an adventurous nature, include it and pair simple sanitaryware with splashes of color, angular geometrics, and chintzy florals.

Opting for a flush-to-floor walk-in shower or a complete wet room will give your bathroom a glamorous, spa-like feel. Are you after a bathroom or en suite that looks grown-up and feels remarkably permissive? Then a luxurious bath or a wet room is the excellent choice for you.

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What you thing about our marvelous curated selection of luxury bathroom inspiration trends for 2017?

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