Luxury Bathroom Ideas

More than ever before, the 21st-century bathroom offers a luxurious retreat from our frenetic lives. Talk to the people who shape our 21st-century homes, and they describe the modern-day bathroom as a “cocoon”, a “retreat” and a place in which to linger and luxuriate. And while other, more public parts of the home have become showpieces designed to impress your dinner guests, the bathroom remains your own private sanctuary-cum-fortress.

To help generate ideas for your next home upgrade, Interior Decoration pulled together the best luxury bathrooms. Get inspired!


Luxury Bathroom Ideas 1

Bathroom with step-up soaking tub, two sinks, rug and glass-tile shower.

Luxury Bathroom Ideas 2

Master bath with large step-up tub, small vanity and dressing area and separate tub all illuminated with natural light from 2 windows.

Luxury Bathroom Ideas 9

Large custom bathroom design with elevated tub room surrounded by windows.

Luxury Bathroom Ideas 11

Masculine bathroom design with black and white marble tub, black floor and dark brown custom wood work.


Luxury Bathroom Ideas 3

There again, some people like the idea of having a dramatic, bath-shaped centrepiece. Especially if it’s made of something spectacular.

Luxury Bathroom Ideas 4

An idea that originates from hotels is the joining together of master bedroom and bathroom, to create the “bethroom” – or even, when a spa or hydrotherapy pool is involved, the “spathroom”.

Luxury Bathroom Ideas 5

In case you are wondering, specific luxury bathroom features to consider include:

Tub: Claw, free-standing, sunken, jacuzzi-style, regular, medical, etc. Or perhaps you prefer to only have a shower. Many bathrooms include both a tub and shower.

Shower: Separate from tub (or not), all-glass (or not), premium fixtures such as rain and side nozzles, tile or a fully encased shower, etc.

Vanity: one, two or more sinks; vanity design, color, materials, faucet, basin style, etc.

Luxury Bathroom Ideas 6

Luxury bathrooms also need to include:

Layout: Luxury bathrooms are getting larger and larger. Some are as big as traditional master bedrooms. How much space do you wish to dedicate to your bathroom?

Toilet: Enclosed in an interior room (or not), location within the bathroom, color, etc.

Spa features: Sauna, steamroom/shower, hot tub.

Lighting: Lighting can make or break a bathroom so be sure to research lighting options for your bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom Ideas 7

And of course, when designing a luxury bathroom, don’t forget:

Windows: While it’s great to have natural light, it’s not so great to have the inside of your bathroom on display for your neighborhood. If you have extensive windows, you may require window coverings. Skylights can be a good lighting feature for bathrooms for privacy reasons.

Mirrors: Full-length or above vanity only? If you have the wall space, a full length mirror can be very helpful unless you have a separate walk-in-closet/dressing room.

Luxury Bathroom Ideas 8

Such is the demand for bathroom luxury, that you can find the most beautiful designs!

Luxury Bathroom Ideas 10

The other big asset for a bath, is a view. Traditionally, baths haven’t been placed near windows, because a chill draught down your neck is not the ideal accompaniment come loofah-time. Now, though, with the advent of heavy-duty double-glazing, homeowners can enjoy a good view at the same time as a good soak.

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