A child has a special way of dreaming reality. Their world is full of fantasy.10 of the most bedrooms Inteiors for kidsdreamingSome decorations of a bedroom interior for a kid are specially connected with drawings on a wall and on a ceiling. The paintings are the book´s stories: the intentions are that the child can live the story of his heroes. In his bedroom they can find their world, their friends.10 of the most dreaming bedroom interiors for kids

Every child dream with a room on a tree: in this space a garden is brought into it. Children are allways playing and their space is thinking as a refuge. Modern lamps give the light of the sun.10 of thr most dreaming bedroom inteirior for kids

The contemporary furniture can transform into an element that helps to create an imaginary ambiance. Nature is many times the inspiration for those interiors, children like to live in it.8artigo

For a girl, the color pink and the possibility to have their own house is a victory. They imagine one day being the lady of the house, to take care of the garden, take care of the cat, birds. A small world´s adults in their scale.10 of the most dreaming bedroom interiors for kids

For a boy, they prefer adventures…living on a wild way. Without rules, dreaming with tribes.The bedside lamps are like fire, the color ambiance is like a jungle, the orange, the furniture choosen were made by natural materials:wood. The curtains seems like green leaves.10of the most dreaming bedroom interior for kids

Small spaces are designed thinking on a better use plus imagination, to create two levels connected by stairs. The white color gives an impression of a bigger space, every detail can be seen. The toys are like objects to decorate it.10 of the most dreaming bedroom interios for kids

A bunk  very sophisticaded decorated with contemporary  wall lamps or more classical, are an inspiration also for small spaces. This one looks like apartments adorned with pictures.10 of the most dreaming

The furniture is designed as an imaginary world: a boat is a bed, a trunk full of treasures is more like a bedside table. The rug is a map of the story.10 of the most dreaming bedroom interiors  for kids

This wall is very pleasant, everyday is changing. A child can learn, can express herself, has a space to be more creative.10 of the most dreaming bedroom interiors for kids

The ceiling is part of this theme: the universe surrounded by planets, the colors, the paintings everything comes to an end. The imaginary world of a child is an inspiration for many interior decorations for kids: a lot of heros, a small image of adults world, the universe…every story that makes a child fall in love. They want to live in their stories.


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