Outstanding Decor at Hotel Victor Hugo Paris Kléber

Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU

Today we present you an Outstanding Decor at Hotel Victor Hugo Paris Kléber where The Parisian Style meets the Modern Contemporary Design courtesy of BRABBU!





Hotel Victor Hugo is a four-star Parisian private property located in the heart of Paris. Between the Champs-Elysées and the Arc de Triomphe, a strategic location chosen by the hotel stands a beautiful Art Deco Building. Inside it, an Art-Deco environment blends with contemporary style, giving to its hosts the right vibes for a comfortable stay. The charming entrance of the hotel invites everyone to meet the modern contemporary design of BRABBU.


Outstanding Decor at Hotel Victor Hugo Paris Kléber


The creator of this small gem is Laurent Maugoust, a renown Parisian architect, with his studio – Laurent Maugoust Achitecture Intérieure. In 2018, Laurent’s studio was looking for the best furniture products to furnish this hotel at the most eccentric quarter of the French Capital, the 16th Quarter.



The studio found the Covet Paris Showroom, a place full of world top luxury brands, showcasing a wide range of products within mid-century, modern, contemporary, and classic styles. Inside the Showroom, a brand stood out for the studio: BRABBU with timeless design products inspired by nature, the cosmopolitan lifestyle, and culture. The studio couldn’t think of better options to create an exclusive reception décor, after finding MAYA armchair and KOI side table.


Outstanding Decor at Hotel Victor Hugo Paris Kléber 1

The entrance of the Hotel Victor Hugo is composed of a black art-deco inspired screen in a floral pattern, that fits very well with the contemporary design and color of the two yellow MAYA velvet armchairs. The final touch through the modern design of the KOI side table.





The two MAYA armchairs chosen to give a comfortable and inviting environment for this reception décor, are made of an intense golden color enhanced by the velvet texture. The sensual and delicate forms of this accent chair, are inspired in Maya’s Maize Goddess, making it the perfect seating solution.





A small table inspired by the Koi carp scales. This table gives exoticism and peacefulness to the hotel art-deco interior. With a base in brushed aged brass and a top in marble, this round side table adds a refine and elegant touch.


BRABBU upholstery Malay chair


This entrance, where completely opposed inspirations are linked and complement each other, is the indubitable argument where one cannot be afraid of taking risks and combine an infinite choice of styles. Let’s admit that no one can resist the charm revealed while crossing the entrance door of the Hotel Victor Hugo.


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