Teenage Bedroom Ideas

A cool teen bedroom design isn’t the simplest thing to do. As your kid grows up, the old children bedroom theme featuring automobiles, toys, planes, dolls and kiddies elements may not work quite well anymore. Just like the teenage is growing up, his room should also reflect his changing demands and needs. Besides reflecting the teen’s interest, a teen bedroom should also be functional for doing studies and homework, socializing with friends and for resting.

With that in mind, Interior Decoration shows you how to design a teen bedroom that reflects your teenager’s personality and keeps messy bedrooms at bay. Here, you’ll find inspiration, tips and decorating ideas for your teen bedroom.


Teenage Bedroom Ideas (4)

The best teenage rooms can never stop growing. Just like the teenage himself who is transforming from a kid to grown up, his space should also reflect his changing needs and demands. And that is what these pictures exude; lots of space and whole lot of ideas.


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These rooms, designed for sophisticated teenagers as well as their parents, create beautiful atmospheres that teens will be proud to show off, be comfortable in, and maybe actually appreciate.


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Teenage girls love a room that fits their sense of style.


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This modern-style bedroom is great for the older teen. The minimal decor mixed with the large, bold headboard and bright colors creates the perfect balance.



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The bedroom is a place that should resemble you and that makes you happy! And teenagers feel that even more!


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When decorating a teen room, you need to take care for all details, because as your children grow up, so does their need for space.


Teenage Bedroom Ideas (2)

Pink is a popular choice for most girls’ and teenagers’ rooms.


Teenage Bedroom Ideas (3) delightfullTeenage Bedroom Ideas (3)

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A little personalization goes a long way in creating a safe space for teens where they’ll actually want to be. Accent wall is a testament to creativity – something teenagers have in spades. Teenagers have many ideas and creativity in their life. So they need a bedroom where they can improve their ideas with the nice color. Have you found inspiration?

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