10 iconic ceiling lamps that you would love to have at your home – Interior Decoration

10 iconic ceiling lamps that you would love to have at your home

This Cosmo ceiling lamp by Delightfull  is an impressive element that grow from the roof and each element is a powerfull ´planet´´ full of light and all spheres can rotate within 2 axis wich enable it to cast light into any spot.  A dynamic piece full of energy and versatility.cosmic-suspension-chandelier-dramatic-delightfull-mid-century-modern-vintage-06

This body in gold plated is a completely century modern vintage lamp, it creates a very contemporary space when is in it. Transform on a very vintage atmospheres.cosmo_hanging_dining_sculptural_cosmic_lamp_01

For a completely diferent atmosphere we have an opulent contemporary ceiling lamp, wich fulfill all space.The lamp is the roof full of crystals!DSC05925These ceiling lamps are an inspiration to other smaller design objects, Koket with it´s Eternity  creates a contemporary jewel lamp with a lot of black crystals, looking like a necklace.


A very well handmade fine jewellery, by portuguese crafstmans.eternity-chandelier-intuition-dining-table-chandra-dining-chair-koket-projects

This jewellry creates a very sophisticated space, with glamour and brightness! Is a unique dining room, every design piece is so unique, by Koket.European-style-luxury-romantic-crystal-ceiling-lamp

This luxury ceiling lamp is a very european romantic design piece. It´s a mixture between fabric haute couture and refined materials. The details are beautifull, the connection  the round ring and the suspension elements are very well designed.Luxury_flush_black_lampshade_freedom_chrome_and

The black color and crystals are materials lamp that are very fashionable. Is very elegant, for unique private spaces full of refined pieces.Luxury-Living-Room-Lighting-Design

Contemporay  ´boxes´ are added to classical lamps and that way it transforms on a very modern space, related to our lyfestyle: very urban, very fashionable.newton-gold-eliptic-supension-lamp-01

This Newton eliptic ceiling lamp by Boca do Lobo is an example of today´s design: looking for a special atmosphere, surprising emotions.


This one, a real vintage century lamp, is an inspiration in nature and also seems a beautifull dress full of gems. it a creates  an atmosphere full  of vibrant life with music and rythm.


A big scale lamps are a real decorative elements, it complete these spaces. It works in connection with colors, fabrics and luminosity.

For Brabbu their Vellum lamp is nature transformed by man´s hand. Composed by hammered brass it tells ancient stories, like a manuscript.vellum-suspension-light-4 Brabbuvellum-suspension-light-5 Brabbu

Once are in a space, these ceiling nature forces lamps bring impressive emotions to this contemporary space. Contemporary ceiling lamps are a world of never ending stories.



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