5 Creative Staircase Designs – Interior Decoration

5 Creative Staircase Designs

You already know that interior designers and architects get creative when they’re designing stairs cause they are representing an element on which you can have a lot of creative freedom as long as it fulfills its basic function. Plus, having a good staircase design is important to achieve a fantastic and pleasant interior design.
Go from one floor to another with style. From a floating staircase to glass staircases, meet some of the coolest interior staircases ever. Today, we will be showing you 5 exemples of the most creative staircases. Check the pictures below.


5 Creative Staircase Designs 5

This modern staircase was made from a 10mm thick metal sheet. Each of the adjoining steps is connected with a slanting external side beam that forms a bracket attached to the wall. With a concept of a delicate rippling ribbon is definitely one of the most unique and thinnest staircases ever seen.


5 Creative Staircase Designs 4

Simple, clean, modern. Perfect!


5 Creative Staircase Designs 3

Of course not all of us would possibly have this at home. But it is a beautiful design!


5 Creative Staircase Designs 2

These steep and narrow stairs occupy a space hardly bigger than a closet, and were made of economical pine boxes.


5 Creative Staircase Designs 1


As you can see these staircases are, at the same time, insane and absolutely perfect! They are an excellent exemple of what we can achieve when we don’t draw any limits!

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