5 summer ideas with blue and yellow

This summer say “welcome” to the hot weather, good mood and fresh colors in your house ! Interior Decoration presents you 5 best ideas to get inspired for vacations. This year we encourage you to bring the colors back to life! We combine for you the most perfect set – blue and yellow. So you can enjoy your house to the fullest.

InteriorDecoration-5 summer ideas with blue and yellow-blue and yellow

Blue is always a good idea when it comes to decorating our interiors. It reminds us of a calming time next to the sea or the ocean and a beautiful beach. This idea from Massachusetts seems really interesting – build-in daybed and a bookshelf. Why not to bring this to your own house?

InteriorDecoration-5 summer ideas with blue and yellow-delightfull

We can go a little bit brighter with this this amazing ROSALIE Marble Coffee Table from Delightfull. That’s the fresh touch for your modern house without a doubt. Fashionable, classy and stylish – those words describe perfectly this one-of-a-kind marble piece of art.

InteriorDecoration-5 summer ideas with blue and yellow-summer

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You can always use the simple way that always looks good. Blue covers with the yellow bedspread is also a good idea. Experiment with different shades!

InteriorDecoration-5 summer ideas with blue and yellow-fruits

Don’t forget about the fruits – the most important thing to keep your organism going on a full speed and your modern house to look all fresh and gleaming.

InteriorDecoration-5 summer ideas with blue and yellow-beach

This beautiful place is located on the Costa Brava, where we can enjoy the stunning beach. For the summer you can use many interior accessories which will bring your house to the next level. Thanks to the glass door we can admire the amazing weather. Blue and yellow photo frames, or pillows, or shells from the sea… there are many different ideas and we are sure you can always find something suitable for yourself.


Remember the most important : be always creative and take risks, because only by experimenting with new shades, styles and colors you can finally get to your idea of a modern dream house. The main goal is to enjoy your space, always feel good in it so let’s take it easy and try many different approaches. Even the small accents can change the way you view your bedroom or the living room. Make the most out of your space.


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