7 Incredible spaces makeovers that make the difference by Country Living

Are you tired of the arrangement of things in your house or feel that the trends are already other?

Interior Decoration offers fantastic solutions for spaces become “dead”, spaces with stunning décor and will get much use …

Also we choose to make selection in spaces where recycled materials were used, is a great savings strategy!

Before: Kitchen

When a pipe burst under the sink, this homeowner knew it was time to remodel.



After : Kitchen



Before: Builder Basic

This tract home’s master bath looked the same as it did when it was built in 1998.

Builder Basic - Before


After: Full Of Personality

By retaining the master bath’s layout, thie homeowner avoided the expense of moving plumbing lines, relying instead on cosmetic updates. One change: a single sink console, made possible by closing off a secondary closet entrance. The exterior door opens straight onto the pasture.

Full of personality - After


Before: Cramped and Boring

This basic bath lacked personality and space!

Campred and boring - Before


After: Simply Luxurious 

Gutting the second-story crawl space doubled the master bath’s square footage. The area is kitted out with a dual shower and a claw-foot tub from Victoria + Albert, all finished with fittings from Habitat, a local hardware store. The hanging basket, once used by miners, holds toiletries. The homeowners widened the window opening, and tilted the floor at a slight slant for drainage.

Simply Luxurious - After


Before: Kitschy Cabine

Kitschy Cabin - Before


After: Bright & Modern

To create symmetry, a contractor relocated the corner hearth with a new one, centered on the wall opposite the open kitchen. Built-in cabinetry on either side of the fireplace reinforces the sense of balance. The homeowner traded her single living-room settee for two generousIkea sofas and a Ralph Lauren chair, all slipcovered for easy cleaning. The pine coffee table came from a garage sale, and the metal “C” is from a local garden store.

Bright & Modern - After


Before: Very Basic

Dated carpet and furniture made this living room feel dark.

Very Basic - Bedore


After: Eclectic Personality

The homeowner installed beadboard on the ceiling to echo the restored walls. By jettisoning the cabinet doors beneath the window seat, he created a clever spot to stash logs for a new woodstove. The overall vibe is classic Americana, treated with a rock ‘n’ roll attitude: A JFK campaign poster faces off against a gilded Federal mirror.

Eclectic Personality - After


Before: A Dearth of personality

Low ceilings and plain drywall initially plagued this dining room area.

A dearth of personality - Before


After: Full of life

When the homeowners removed the structure’s dropped ceilings and drywall, they discovered dramatic roof beams and charming beadboard. In the dining room, and throughout the residence, they sanded the pine floors and stained them a rich ebony. Here, they sit in midcentury Woodard chairs. A friend crafted the dining table out of wood salvaged from a bowling lane. The oversize light formerly illuminated a factory. The walls are painted High-Gloss White by Behr.

Full of life - After


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