Be inspired by ICFF to your design

ICCF will present  a set of Conferences, one of them is about ‘’Materials in Design’’. When you decorate your home the materials of your design pieces are crucial.

Be inspired by ICFF to your design


Be inspired by ICFF to your design

Materials in Design

From smart home products to technologically savvy architectural solutions, . Dr. Andrew Dent, Vice President, Library & Materials Research explore the latest materials that are enabling this trend, with some demonstrations of working technologies for the audience,. ,He played a key role on severall enterpirses in creating new materials for their evolution … such as Ikea, Adidas…. this was an amazing lecturer.

Be inspired by ICFF to your design



Design and the Hand

How are the concepts of “craft” and “handmade” manifested in design today?  Avery Thatcher founded Juju Papers in Portland presented us these beautifull walpapers…feel inspired with them.

Be inspired by ICFF to your design

Leading New York Voices in Commercial Design  

Three leading New York-based designers of interiors for workplace, education, and healthcare will discuss the current outlook in commercial design. Rachel Casanova, Director of Workplace and Principal at Perkins + Will brought new ideas that you shouldn’t miss….ICFF was a tradeshow magnificent….






Maison Valentna




Boca do Lobo





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