Don’t miss the most stylish office by Jessica Alba


Founder of The Honest Company, Jessica Alba share with us her office, a new open space, full of beautifull detals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           She thinks that “being confined to an office and expecting my team to constantly check in just doesn’t work for me as well”

9e00443e-e062-4c76-aa50-1a60d97cc316wallpaper      Elle Decor visit her in The Honest Company’s new headquarters and Home Decor Ideas wants to share with you her fabulous tips on making a workspace feel comfortable and stylish.


The colors, the modern furniture, the details of using words to send messages for your daily work, is very inspiring!


Flowers are natural elements that brings a new life to your space, gives ambiance and happiness.


The contemporary lamps gives a touch of stylish intimicy,  the harmony between the modern console, the elegant sidetables…is a simply beautifull image.


The colors of the fabrics, the pillows, you always can create some inspiring moments. You almost forgot that you are on a working place, it´s an invitation to funny moments.             ”I find color stimulating”, says Alba.


Alba wants to recreate a cozy feeling, so she thinks candles and books are a good way to achieve that. Try to get the feeling you are at home…

Portraits are a sign of a personal place, your familly in all moments.

Don’t miss these details to create your second home.

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