Eveline Rossi – An inspiration from Switzerland

Eveline Rossi is an Interior Designer from ROSSI Interiors – Swiss Interior design group. She arouses emotions and joy for the living spaces. Concept, planning, consultation – as a designer and expert she knows what this means. Choosing effects, textures, tones, colors, forms, fragrances and temperatures she develops together the atmosphere that suits uniquely each and one client. Eveline Rossi composes and designs living space that makes your heart bounce twice – creating room for your soul.

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She is originally from Switzerland. Eveline’s father is British and she studied in Cambridge, England. Piero, her husband and the leading architect of ROSSI interiors studied architecture in Zürich and spent one year of his studies in Paris. Both have travelled the world and understand the cosmopolitan way of living.


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Maybe a room needs to be redesigned or a building requires a new function? Working and living spaces seek purposeful furniture or need a little more charm or atmosphere? Properties or rooms may need to be found. Or objects are available but you are not sure how to turn your ideas into something real. This group advise and support you in the planning and realization of any architectural or interior design project internationally.

Between workshop and dining table they create together with their clients individual moods for their living and working space. A comprehensive product library and a large collection of materials inspire their daily work as well as help them through the creative process.

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The professional service offered by Rossi Interiors combines’ architecture and design with passion and imagination. When consulting with them on any interior design or construction project they will help you to turn your ideas into a reality, while providing practical advice and help. The rooms they design project and enhance the clients desired atmosphere for each individual living or workspace. Swiss quality guaranteed!


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Rossi Interiors is a team of 4 people : Eveline Rossi, her husband – Piero Rossi, and assistant – Melanie Unold, and another Interior Designer – Olivia Kallweit.

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We talk here about the cosmopolitan style of interiors, as a result of their many travels worldwide. After a studio in Zurich they decided to open one in Mallorca, because they love the multicultural aspet and the art of living there. It inspires their daily workwhile they spend a lot of time with their friends from all around the world. They exchange thoughts, ideas and well as they share them.



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