Home Corner Decoration Ideas

Written by Bruna Pelarigo

One of the biggest challenges that you have to overcome when you’re decorating a space is finding a way to integrate the corners into the whole design. The corners often remain empty and it’s just a big waste of space. Corners are not just for time-outs; corners are where smart design can happen. There are lots of ways in which they can be efficiently decorated.

When you stare at your empty corners do you feel there is something missing? Still you don’t have any ideas of what should go in that empty corner? Find inspiration below, and you will have great home corner decoration ideas.

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Home Corner Decoration Ideas 5

The freestanding fireplace can also be a nice element with which you can occupy an empty corner in the room. These units are fairly simple to install with minor mess. They really add warmth and a comfort factor to a room. It will make the room seem cozier without using valuable floor space.


Home Corner Decoration Ideas 6

A corner is also a nice place for a lamp and the lamp would stand out more if it were oversized. And do you have a pretty chair that’s not so comfortable for long-term seating? Try it in a corner vignette with a fun table and lamp.


Home Corner Decoration Ideas 1

Another great way of using chairs is with high-back chairs. Most people like the look of high-back chairs but consider their height a visual challenge. Place two high-back chairs in a corner facing out. Add a small table in between and a rug. This creates a perfectly cozy sitting area.


Classy Dining Room Decor Corner Wall Shelf Ideas

Freestanding shelves or a series of small shelves, especially a pyramid-inspired style, work well in a corner. Store extra dishes and pretty containers on the open shelves for a great-looking display and works as a very practical element.


Home Corner Decoration Ideas 7

Do you have a corner with a great view? Add a beautiful corner window. This is a larger job but reaps big rewards. An architect or contractor can help in determining the best place and plan for adding a window to your home.

Whenever you have a space that remains empty in your house and none of the solutions presented above work for you, try instead to use wall art or create a reading corner. Be inspired!


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