Household Objects Recycled into Art Masterpieces

Meet Zac Freeman who has been saving pieces of household junk for the last decade. The goal? To use them one day to create his masterfully intriguing and innovative art collection. He gives the impression that his two dimensional portraits have three dimensional value by using glue to meld everything together, from the bottle caps and bottles to pans and plates to create faces that can be only well-seen from the distance. The artist has shown his incredible exhibitions all across the world and successfully made it to HD’s Archives. InteriorDecoration wanted to show you something special and amazing to give you the inspiration and motivation to create or look for more things, think outside of the box.

Covetedition-Household Objects Recycled into Art Masterpieces-Zac's portrait

See this self-portrait of Freeman, from certain distance you can see the nose and the mouth and be amazed by how detailed this artwork is.

Covetedition-Household Objects Recycled into Art Masterpieces-portrait

Covetedition-Household Objects Recycled into Art Masterpieces- woman portrait


Covetedition-Household Objects Recycled into Art Masterpieces- junk

Nevertheless, “recycled” type of art isn’t something that fresh and new. The goal of art is to shock and give you something to think about and what shocks more than a paper roll made into something beautiful? Or a chicken formed from the egg shells? It doesn’t give us the answer to the famous question – what came first? The chicken or the egg, but it definitely take us to the different level of thinking and perceiving our reality.

Covetedition-Household Objects Recycled into Art Masterpieces- egg shells


The most incredible in it is that those things are common, we see it every day in our life. It is a little bit like magic, like alchemy that turns metal into gold, except for the fact that it is trash that gives them the fortune and fame now. For example, the recycled Optimus Prime was sold for $7,800. The question is, is it really worth all that money? You have to figure out the answer by yourself, and when you close the page, you will be amazed by the beauty of reformed trash.


InteriorDecoration is sure that you have heard already about the woman called Erika Iris Simmons that specializes in using cassettes, long forgotten gem of the past, to create absolutely astonishing portraits of famous people, like Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain or the Beatles.

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