Interior Design For Different Budgets

Unfortunately, not everyone can change the interior design of the house whenever they feel like it. Otherwise, we would be decorating our home more often: every year, every season and possibly every single time that we feel that something isn’t quite right. Well, sometimes when all the planets are aligned we have the time and funds to decorate our home.

Today, “Interior Decoration” will show you two different interior designs on a budget: one small and one huge! This will let you aknowledge the differences of having a large or small budget in the same space and having the possibility to, either way, make a wonderful job! Remember that this is the same space decorated in two different “styles”, which means, with two different budgets.


Interior Design With Different Budgets 1


Starting with the large budget, we can choose a living room with a big comfortable looking sofa, heavy curtains and a designers rug!


Interior Design With Different Budgets 2


The kitchen and dinning room have a luxury and classy feel, with neutral colors and floral details.


Interior Design With Different Budgets 3


A floor to ceiling black gloss finish creates a modern and sleek look that gives the kitchen a luxury touch. You can say that this interior design has a premium feel. It is a luxurious, comfortable, yet formal looking interior design.


Interior Design With Different Budgets 4


Now it’s time for you to see the same apartment decorated with a small budget. The living room has a smaller sofa, some floor lamps and a brighter mood. Very cozy, right?


Interior Design With Different Budgets 5


The dinning room has a colorful, simple and comfortable ambience.


Interior Design With Different Budgets 6


The kitchen cabinets are white in order to create a more open and relaxed mood. As you can see the two styles have notorious differences. One design in more luxurious, formal and darker, while the other is a more colorful, open and familiar space. This shows that, most cases, it is not a matter os money, but a matter of taste: you can always manage to have your unique interiors without spending much.

What interior design do you prefer?

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