Jean-Louis Deniot’s Interiors

Jean-Louis Deniot is a Paris-based designer, known for his marvelous interiors that combine history with contemporary flourishes that is now perfectly illustrated in his new book.

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Jean-Louis Deniot’s Interiors is the first book from the famed designer, whose classical interiors have been widely desired as the “epitome” of French style. Deniot outlines his richly layered look of deftly mixed patterns, textures and pieces, drawn from different periods but always combining with a mighty elegance.

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The 286-page book full of glamourous glossy photos, opens with Deniot’s own residence in Paris, which he describes as a mix of classicism and futurism; along with his former home when life brought him to Los Angeles. Deniot’s love of drama is reflected in both his home’s theatrical accents. They also adopt a French Chic style, featuring timeless interiors with different influences. Denoit has a refined way of creating an elegant comfortable look which is never overly formal or trendy.

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Deniot’s signature work style is about creating unique atmospheres while retaining a sense of utmost chic and timeless elegance. This book demonstrates his sophisticated, classical style that is changing the scene for international design, and offering inspiration and ideas to decorators, homeowners, and antiques enthusiasts.

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While leafing through the pages, be prepared to discover the particular style he holds; a meeting of the finest eras of French Design, from Neo-Classical to Art Deco, blended together for 21st century living. The book has been honored and named one of the Top Design Books for Fall by Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, and Vogue. Every chapter is full of inspiration for all architects, designers, and design and art lovers

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Author’s biography:

Jean-Louis Deniot is a 39-year-old Parisian designer, listed on the 2014 AD 100 List. His talent and potential were discovered while at at School Camondo, and was the jump to achieve credibility among the French Design Society. He began his business as soon as he graduated in 2000. Quickly his portfolio grew with completed projects, including historic houses, private apartments, and countryside houses around the world. Jean-Louis Deniot is recognized in most international design magazines as one of the top designers in the world.

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