reve-mirror a contemporary design piece by koket

Rêve Mirror is one of Casegoods pieces by KOKET Love Happens. This mirror is an invitation to the world of dreams: it´s waves invite us to travel to another place, to another reality. Like in the dreams, we change so quickly from dream to another dream, there´s no straight lines, is a way full of rythm. The combination of two leaves, one in brass lacquered matt black and the other in polished brass gold, resembling the flamboyant way of dreaming: full of brightness in a diferent glance, environments flashes!!

Rêve mirror a contemporary design piece by koket


This Rêve Mirror with a diameter of 150 cm has a single soul: highlight the work that is done by Portuguese craftsmen who treat each piece as if it were unique, the pieces are ‘hand made​​” there is no standardization. So each piece has a unique twist. This dedication to care pieces like jewells, the atention to the details, the choose of the exquisite materials, the inevitable soul of craftsmen produces a piece full of love.

RRêve mirror a contemporary design piece by Koket

KOKET is the only luxury brand wich creates Love Happens at your home: when you choose one of these pieces your environment changes completely. You get the feelling of something you adore but you can´t explain it, you fall in love.

Rêve mirror a contemporary design pice by KOKET

KOKET is so powerfull, you can´t fight against it. Is a brand about soul, about heart and in your mind you will not forget it!! The design poetry lies in creation of emotions, an object is like a book, tell you a story, can be in your heart all of your life. A living room with this mirror will embrace you, wil give a taste of unconventional life.

The space stays with a special ambiance, for your guests, this will be surprising, they just met a unique designing and the desire of possess is overpowering! They feel a guilty pleasure… These pieces are made by human, with a unique touch, you feel it as a so delicated luxury experience:

Fall in love with KOKET Love Happens.

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