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The time that you will never loose

egg11  The time that you will never loose egg11

Peter Carl Fabergé, legendary artist-jeweller, goldsmith to the Russian Imperial Court, was the creative and entrepreneurial genius behind the world-renowned company that bore his name. He captured his extraordinary moment in time through exquisite jewels and precious objects that still resonate today with the passions and poignancy of a lost world. Deeply imbued with the spirit of their age, these masterpieces remain timeless in their recherché beauty, breathtaking craftsmanship and absolute dedication to perfection. This series of table desk clocks are remarkable. A real luxury clocks, refined materials, gemstones and the egg´s Easter as an inspiration.

77179258  The time that you will never loose 77179258

This extraordinary egg, is a unique jewell clock, this luxury piece is another ornamentt to special interior design. The modern 20th century assisted the developement of so many beautifull and creative design clocks.XXX_94_1331582879_1  The time that you will never loose XXX 94 1331582879 1

Cartier series Circa 1950, 14k yellow gold cased desk top set with a carved Cabochon ruby, with original dial, case signed and numbered.  Cartier developed many beautifull and impressive clocks desk table. This one in gold is a really clock masterpiece. Gold and gemstones were the most desired materials.

XXX_467_1386963514_1  The time that you will never loose XXX 467 1386963514 1

These desk timepiece, rectangular case with blue enamel, accented by silver bands, centering a circular brushed silvered dial with gilt arabic numerals. This piece seems to a vintage clock. Time is a luxury gift, clocks are the perfect choice. Clocks are timeless…

XXX_467_1386963570_1  The time that you will never loose XXX 467 1386963570 1

Another beautiful mechanical desk timepiece by Cartier with an octagonal pink guilloche enamel frame centering a circular brushed silvered dial with aged arabic numerals, series circa 1920. Beautifull time jewell, a unique piece, with special clock soul.

XXX_467_1386963549_1  The time that you will never loose XXX 467 1386963549 1

A beautiful Art Deco clock desk table in silver and red and black enamel, with mechanical movement. The cut-cornered rectangular case signed Cartier with black enamel and centering a square-shaped silvered dial with arabic numerals, flanked by four red enamel bands spaced black enamel with gold decoration, atop a red enamel base. The 20th century offered so many fantastic design pieces very surprising, with a special design. They are trully work of Art, so magnificent clock jewells.



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