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We would like to thanks sir Kunal Trehan to gently give us this interview, about his beautifull showroom:



a)    How do you define your name ´´Touched Interiors´´?

Touched interiors represents a personal touch and a unique intimate service. We don’t just sell furniture or designs but we form a relationship with our clients and truly offer a personalized experience. The name encompasses our core values which are all about leading design, customer service and after sales. We are an inspirational brand and endeavour to make visions into a reality. We want to make a difference to design and the retail business sector with our products and service.

b)    Tell us a bit about your store Touched Interiors concept? How did the project start?

I started the company somewhat 5 years ago as an interior designer. Through my experience in design and the exposure to luxury concepts, I found a gap in the market for bespoke interiors and that something different. I always found myself trying to source furniture to suit a project and the common hurdle was finishes. I would find a piece I loved but unfortunately it just could not be done in the perfect colour or desired fabric. Travelling to different parts of the world I began to find products that could be adapted to suit my vision and the clients needs and importantly were something I had not come across before. This is where the idea came from to start a retail store where the furniture was of a new concept and the majority could be customised and the client could choose any fabric, any size and custom finishes. We strongly believe that when customers are spending top end amounts on furniture then they should be able to make the piece their own.

c)    We would like to here from you, how do you define ´´luxury´´?

Luxury for me is opulence and glamour. It’s that satisfying feeling that you are experiencing something special and unique.

d)    What is your philosophy on design? And Interior Design?

My philosophy on design is that it should make heads turn for all the right reasons. I believe this is the same for interior design but it is even more important that within interiors the design not only needs to be magnificent but also be fully functional.

e)    Wich materials / techniques do you love the most?

I love sumptuous velvets, natural leafs and curved designs. Tufted upholsterey is still a favourite of mine. I am always drawn to pieces which marry one design with a complete contrast.

f)    Do you have any exclusive pieces? Which others brands do you work with?

We work with two exclusive brands, Meireles and OurSense. Both brands are exquisite. To me the designs are classic with a contemporary twist and the result is breathtaking. Both ranges are fully customisable just as you would expect from Touched Interiors. You can make it bigger, smaller, wider, taller, you name it. These pieces are only available through ourselves or our approved stockists.

g)    Wich piece is the most wanted in UK? Best selling?

Our best selling piece is the Diamond crushed velvet sofa. Clients love it. It is a contemporary piece but with all the elegance of a classic sofa. The craftsmanship is exceptional. The Meireles Luxus dining table is also a favourite piece and a very good seller.

 h)    Is there anything exciting that you are working on at the moment that you can tell us about? Any new projects? Can you send me pictures?

We are currently working on a very exciting project in Mobberley, Cheshire. This is a a very affluent area in the North West and is home to many celebrities and VIP’s. It is a full interior design project that we are working on and we have nearly completed the ground floor. You can see some prevue images on our website in the interior design, portfolio section. Once the finishing touches have been completed we will uploaded the images.

We are also in the next coming months launching up to 4 years interest free credit on purchases and a 5 year care and protect service. This will be available online and in-store. We are making luxury affordable and we are very excited about this.

i)    How do you pick the store´s collection? Wich major events do you attend  to find the latest designs?

Picking collections for the store is not easy. We offer nearly 3000 products at present so selecting pieces which will be suitable is a tricky task. There are so many factors that need to be taken into account. Do we stock items that we love or our clients love?  What price points should we target, mid range or high? Do we include best sellers or have something completely new? The end decision is a mix of everything. I always look at what clients have loved through out the year and what I think defines us a store. For example the OurSense jewellery chest is simply exquisite and really showcases design at its best. We have this is the showroom as it really shows that the amalgamation of design and imagination is limitless. Our favourite events are Maison et Objet and Isaloni.

j)    What do you look for in a new design?

I look for something that is unique, the best quality and truly inspiring. When clients enter our store, I always hear one thing again and again and that is “we have never seen anything like this before!” This is what drives me to find new designs. As a store owner, the pieces must also be suitable in a domestic or commercial environment and most importantly heighten interest and achieve sales.

k)    How does the partnership between yourself and Koket?

The partnership between ourselves and Koket is brilliant. Currently Koket has just finished producing the Camilia cabinet for our client in Dubai and we just know they are simply going to love it. Koket is professional to deal with and the products fit in perfectly with our brand.

l)    Who is Touched Interiors client? What they say about Koket products?

Our clients typically love high end products. They want something that no one else has. They most often are from a business background or in high profile employment. Our portfolio varies from VIP’s and Hoteliers to individuals who love furniture and will make sacrifices to ensure they have the best they can afford.

m)    Do you have any picture of your client´s project wich Koket was choosen?

Not at present.

n)       What do you think about our Interior Decoration blog ?

I find the blog inspiring and a brilliant source to keep up to date with all your partner companies. I think the content is broad and very relevant to the interior industry. Always an exciting read.

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