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Unique ideas for room dividers

When you have a small apartment, sometimes it can be difficult to make the best out of it and create a confortable and stylish look. One of your best allies to overcome this problem are space dividers. Interior Decoration brings you a selection of small space design ideas through room dividers.. Take a look and see all the possibilities you have to create the perfect home for yourself!

Chalkboard Paint

Offering a playful, practical appeal, chalkboard paint lets you create a room divider that can also take notes. This divider is simple to make: just buy four pieces of cut plywood and hinges. You can change the look of it daily. Consider any number of chalkboard paint colors to make it even more of a stand-out!

51dd3cbd19c3ed76ace83edd79012291  Unique ideas for room dividers 51dd3cbd19c3ed76ace83edd79012291


This room divider creates definition without obstructing views and light—an important consideration if you have a small, dimly lit space. You can make it easily with a beautifull pattern wood. Build it ceiling height to anchor securely

vach-ngan-2-1377948848  Unique ideas for room dividers vach ngan 2 1377948848

Luxury dividers

This luxury divider has butterflies in gold, Koket has so beautifull and unique design pieces.

euphoria  Unique ideas for room dividers euphoria

euphoria_p  Unique ideas for room dividers euphoria p


The modern bookshelf can be one of the simplest room dividers to make. The key to creating your desired look is where you place it, how you arrange items in it (create blocks of similarly sized and colored objects to de-clutter it) and whether it has a finished or unfinished back. Nothing more required than the ability to build one that arrives flat-shipped and ready to assemble.

2d  Unique ideas for room dividers 2d1


Window treatments are designed to keep people from peeking into your house or apartment, so why not hang them for indoor privacy? A pole or curtain rod suspended from the ceiling, some rings or hooks, and drapery panels are all you need to create some drama and division in your space. Best of all, you can easily close and open your curtains as needed.

All-White-Home-Decor-with-Curtins1  Unique ideas for room dividers All White Home Decor with Curtins1

The ‘artisitic’ divider

Such as a paint, a contemporary image can fullfill your space. This one, can create a feeling of being surrounded by Art.  As an installation, your space become more cultural.

Lightfacet  Unique ideas for room dividers Beautiful Room Dividers by Bloomming1


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