The dining chairs you’ve always dreamed of sitting on

Chloe 2 artigo

A modern chair allways create a specific ambiance. Modern dining rooms are an invitation to Art and a new lifestyle. The perfect combination between a very beautifull dining table and beautifull chairs are the ingredients to create a special dining room design idea.

artigo 2


The Dalyan chairs from BRABBU are a unique combination with nice materials and forms. These modern dining chairs are elements full of stories, are an inivation to an emotional experience.

artigo 3

That Chandra dining chair by KOKET it´s a perfect combination between glamour and haute couture. This chair send to you to a special ambiances.


These contemporary interior is an invitation to dining with luxury, light and exclusivity. The color is a demand in what we want to create.

artigo 14

This Enchanted dining chair by KOKET  brings nature as it inspiration. The portuguese craftsmen have masterfully captured the alluring essence of an enchanted forest with this dining chair. Its antique gilded branch like structure can’t help but mesmerize the beholder.

artigo 1

The dining chair can be placed in a special corner, creating a feeling of relaxation. Mixture with blue fabrics and wood this one is an extension of something natural.

Philippe Stark Louis Ghost

These modern Ghost chairs by Philippe Starck are a pure inivitation for adventures an imaginary world. Everyone is invited to participated in all stories.

artuigo  10Classic dining rooms are sometimes the basis of these contemporary interiors design idea: sumptuously furniture are essential to create this unique dining room, a big dimension is also a demand. Enjoy this beautifull ambiance.



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