Light and glass are the right materials to create this sensation of water with leaves . A contemporary floor also provides imagination, is an invitation to imaginary world. 3

Carpets  is an alternative to give you a confortable walking and a surprisong garden is a unique floor design idea! The idea is to create unusual sensations, to bring the nature into interior spaces.8

Textures are also a constant search, this wood floor design crocodile skin seems a dress, very fashionable. A very 20th century taste. Is a very exotic image that invites you to luxury ambiances.7

This glass pavement offers the opportunity to see what´s under a room. The possibility to have a vertical dialogue. Like two spaces become one.5

With a variation of wood we create a pattern, a geometry. This new rule extends to all space: the walls, the roof. You feel you are inside of it. The floor is the pattern to this one, creates rhythm with the mixture of light. Is a truly contemporary space.11 artigo

Unique floor tiles that resemble hardwood flooring in a herringbone pattern, handcrafted from green lava stone. In 20th century, the exploration of new and recycled materials offers a possibility to everything you imagine.6

Paintings are inspiration to the floors, we create delicated floors. We think in all together. to create a special interior design. We combine it with the furniture, the colors, the lights.artigo

With a simple painting we create in this floor a special room. It gives a diferent character, is not just a small space, it as something special.1

A deeply connection to nature is something that is clear when we want to intervene outside, Water is a ´material´ that combines with everything. Wood and concrete are a beautifull combination between color and texture, softness and roughness.2

Exterior pavements, sometimes are extensions of the Architecture. It´s a way to make the building connected to the ground, seems was born by the land: stone, wood, grass are the materials from the earth.



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