Vintage design represented by Edward Stone

Vintage design represented by edward stone with the most amazing furniture.

Born on march the 9th, in 1902, in fayetteville (arkansas), edward durell stone  was a famous american architect.

His interest in architecture was encouraged when he attended the university of arkansas. There, his academic performance was poor and drawing was the only course where he excelled. He was also encouraged by james hicks stone, his brother, who was already a practicing architect in boston. Stone attended the boston architectural college, harvard university, and mit, but he never received a degree.

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During a trip across the united states in 1940, he began to reformulate his approach to design. However, the onset of world war ii interrupted stone’s exploration. He entered the army as a captain, in 1943, but was discharged in november 1945.

Stone reopened his architectural practice in 1945 in a townhouse in new york city. During this period, he continued to explore architectural forms. His success as a practitioner of modern architecture, enabled him to form bonds with other academics of the era.


Some of edward durell stone’s works

Vintage design represented by edward stone -1

1949 – the bertram (bert) n. Linder residence, also known as hickory hill farm.

Vintage design represented by edward stone -2

1953 – the albert m. Greenfield renovation, and the landscape architect was thomas d. Church.

Vintage design represented by edward stone -3

1958 – the sam spiegel apartment, new york.

Durell bar cart

In essential home’s products, you can see a tribute to edward durell stone’s legacy: durell bar cart, that is the perfect company to a celebratory drink. It is a unique bar cart with large wheels, ornamented by the geometric brass lines that convey a distinctive and wonderful look, just like edward’s landmarks.

Durell bar cart

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