I want to share with you these 10 paradise gardens

c82b9c634cb92d96aea8e6ff94a07561Japanese gardens are so quite and peacefull. In these gardens you find your balance, the tension of opposite energy fade away. The color of these flowers is enchanted, is very girlish. In these gardens there´s a contemporary design, very abstrac drawing completed with natural elements.versailles-gardens-and-the-cloister (1)garden-of-versailles_966x543

In these majestic european gardens, the geometry is the elementary rule. Starting from this point, the nature fills the pattern and single elements are repeted according to it. You walk in this beautifull classical garden, from any point you can appreciate all scheme, is a big scale.7e3c3b841ed2386faf1c676a71988afc

At Buçaco, in Portugal, this beautifull garden develops in different levels, stone stairs made this connection and is a decorative element, has it own design. Fountains, private walks, abundant trees are some elements that compose this paradise garden.e26fde64fbce381515eb624b8b812624

I would love to walk on this one: soft lightning, beautifull colors, the sound of the water must be magical! You can seat on the stairs and start reading a book or if you are accompanied you share secrets!most-beautiful-gardenbeautiful-flower-gardens-of-the-world---home-and-garden-home-and-4kqroxpo

The colors of the flowers are a decorative element, you mixture together and you get this beautifull environment! You are surrounded by so many beautifull flowers and the materials for the pavement, grass and stone are perfect to create this dream garden.urban-gardens-design-londonRooftop gardens are very in fashion, this one in United Kingdom, is designed throught a contemporary way of life. Luxury apartments are a truly amazing houses, they develops in diferent levels with exterior spaces so big as the interiors. These rooftops gardens are an outdoor living room, very confortable with special design pieces.Longwood_Gardens_Fountains_2008

Back to classics, the water, the grass, the stone are the main materials for this composition. Unique statues are elements that create a history to these spaces:a491f0b330cd81c1d3a53e192281c706

this delicated image is an example of so pretty statues can changes all the ambiance.6bed8a9a140831e13289ab792fd67da8Flowers and a natural wood structure are the roof for this apparent lonely garden. Walls and pavement are also lined with nature:grass and  flowers. We can have privacy, we are in one ´´interior´´ garden ´´, is almost closed. Benches invites you to seat, to start a conversation.Gardens designs ideas.

This garden combines a very clear geometry with beautifull colors, you can walk on it and appreciate this pattern. Is a very happy garden, full of light!a-french-garden-windowuntitled-1_edited-1-copy

The choice for a homogeneous image it result into an elegant garden, sophisticated ambiance. The grass, everything in green, natural color show us the simplity of the elements but the compositon is anything but simple. This garden creates some misterious feelings, looks a little a labyrinth.



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