10 gifts for special interiors babies bedrooms – Interior Decoration

10 gifts for special interiors babies bedrooms


Beginning life is not easy. The baby bedroom is his/her first special space, time to spend all time, We start to care about it´s ambiance and the acessories wich make all the difference.11artigo

Baby´s bedroom are full of toys, soft colors, imaginary friends and surprising baby furniture.8artigo10artigo

Decorative letters are very in fashion baby´s bedrooms, is the way to personalize it, they are irresistable!4artigo

Contemporary baby bed are like a toy, 20th century is full of design experiences. This bed in wood is an example a modern design that feets also in the small world of babies.9artigo

Nature and wood material are inspiration for the design furniture: the holder is a real trunk tree, the exterior comes to inside.Lamp for children artigo

Lightning baby bedroom is a detail that counts a lot. It has to be so sweet, so soft that almost  you don´t see it. This lamp is full of butterflyes, it creates an imaginary movie.night lightartigo

At night a baby shouldn´t be alone,  a small light is essential to keep the balance. stars, animals are the lightning design for babies.Rabbit lamp 2  artigoDinosaur Night Light Baby room nursery animalartigo

The rabbit lamp and dinosaur night light baby room are a perfect gifts, are acessories that you shouldn´t miss.Black out roller artigo

The black out roller is a detail that complete the atmosphere of a bedroom. For babies is allways so naif, so soft that can create a quiet  bedroom.6

Silence has to be preserved, the door hardware baby bedroom is a detail very peculiar. This acessory is so simple but it works perfectly. The wallpaper, the curtains, the colors are choose to create  the perfect interior baby bedroom.3artigo

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