Luxury Safe Box By Boca do Lobo

During this week the Boca do Lobo was present at Basel World is probably the biggest and most important event for the watch and jewellery industry. This year, something caught our eye… the new hyper luxury trend applied to exquisite home safes which intersect fine art and skillful craftsmanship. The reason we brought this up? They are the perfect match for your expensive dream home.

Baron Home Safe


Designed in a Victorian futuristic style and inspired by traditional Swiss watch making techniques, Baron home safe is an exceptional piece of haute craftsmanship perfect for those with an appetite for extreme luxury.
With watch winders and cigar humidors, this steampunk safe was created to be the ideal place to keep the most exclusive jewelry and other unique pieces safe from the outside world while embodying the true essence of the new hyper-luxury trend.

Bohème Safe


Bohème embodies the spirit of true adventurers who choose to live an unconventional lifestyle and aim to achieve what is accessible only to a few people.This rare and exceptional jewelry safe distinguishes itself for the haute craftmaship and hyper-refinement in its essence, following a new hyperluxury trend.

With special compartments to guard jewelry and precious liquors, watchwinders to exhibit watches and humidors for cigars, Bohème explores rarity and beauty in a contemporary way and will certainly be the star of your luxury closet.

Millionaire Safe


This luxury safe has stood the tests of time and though the several attempts to break in are visible on the outside, the interior remains the safest place that ever existed.
Whatever happens, Millionaire endures it all with the single aim of protecting what you value the most: not only your watches – the luxury jewelry safe integrates watch winders – and jewels, but all your deepest treasures, which will be unveiled only by time itself.

Diamond safe

diamond black safe box-boca-do-lobo

What’s a better place to keep your precious jewels and watches safe than inside a… well, jewel? Diamond is known as the hardest material on earth, so this safe box is the perfect place to keep your most precious goods – an impenetrable luxurious super exclusive place where only those you want to will be allowed to enter. A hyper-luxury safe box with watch winders and humidor wine clock where your precious watches, cigars, jewels or even a bottle of your finest whisky will find their special place.

Knox Safe


Knox represents the nirvana of treasures, an impenetrable luxurious place to guard the world’s most precious possessions. Outside, it is visible how the safety system works, and when you open the door you can actually see it working through the glass applied on the inside of the door. This is not only a functional piece, but also a timeless design which provokes joy and excitement and brings beauty into people’s lives.

Highly customizable, the safe’s interior can be arranged accordingly to the user’s needs, for an extra touch of exclusivity and uniqueness.

Dalí Safe


As the story goes, Salvador Dalí sat at the table looking upon the soft, half melted Camembert cheese. Suddenly the idea of melting watches came to him and he immediately got to work. And so The Persistence of Memory – his most iconic artwork – was born.

This surrealistic home safe, just like the painting, is a symbol of the relativity of space and time. Nothing is taken for granted, people change, situations change, everything around us changes in the blink of an eye. However, we can always count on one special place or person in our lives, something or someone that brings us the security we need… Dalí represents everything standing against uncertainty and everything reliable to us.

Symphony safe


Talented young designers and master artisans united  their knowledge to create a unique piece inspired by a symphonic orchestra and all its harmonious movements, and by the mechanism of Swiss watches, whose reliable movements can be seen through watch winders.
Nested in the center of a cabinet containing watch winders specially made for you to keep your watches, jewels, pens and even cigars, you will find a safe box where all of your dearest and deepest secrets will be guarded from the outside world, only accessible through a code of your choice.

Each one of these safes tells a differente story. They are perfect examples of Emotional Design and part of the brand new Private Collection by the luxury design brand Boca do Lobo.

Via Most Expensive Homes

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