Dress Up Your Unique Bedroom Walls

If your bedroom walls are lacking something, try livening things up with a slight twist on a simple coat of paint and dress up your unique bedroom walls. Whether it’s a hint of texture or a surprising graphic element, your bedroom walls are a great opportunity to establish the look of your space, so find the best ideas to choose your bedroom wall designs.

In case you draw your inspiration from a specific favorite color or a distinctive textile, here your will find beautiful paint techniques that are guaranteed to make your walls worthy of a second glance.


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________Dress Up Your Unique Bedroom Walls 1

A beautiful choice of color and a bold frame will help you make the most of your bedroom walls. Looks lovely, doesn’t it?


Dress Up Your Unique Bedroom Walls 2

A relaxing pattern that will bring the natural feeling of an afternoon at the beach into your bedroom.


Dress Up Your Unique Bedroom Walls 3

If you have more time than cash to contribute to a project, try painting one wall of the bedroom with a stencil for the look of patterned wallpaper at a fraction of the cost.


Dress Up Your Unique Bedroom Walls 4

Create large-scale, custom designs using paint and painter’s tape. It is warm and cozy on bedroom walls.


Dress Up Your Unique Bedroom Walls 5

For a restful space, choose muted, calming paint colors. To reduce the pollutants in your bedroom, use a low-VOC (volatile organic compound) product.


Dress Up Your Unique Bedroom Walls 6

Apply wood or a plastic formula molding to flat walls to create pattern or highlight a specific area. This is also a great way to define areas for a color change.


Dress Up Your Unique Bedroom Walls 7

Wrap the room in pattern with wallpaper. There is an endless variety of options—both classic and modern — to choose from. If you want to, you can also trim out a section of wallpaper with molding as an accent.


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