The most iconic door hardware that you will love

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This contemporary door hardware is so beautiful, the nature of the material has a soft movement, the material express a shape very simple but at the same time creates a sophisticated detail.



As a real fashion door hardware, Versace Home creates this so magnificent and luxury door handle. It´s thinking as haute couture detail, for luxury interiors.


Studio Hanneta chooses something more contemporary, a very clean but powerful design. The gold metal gives us this feeling of something very unique, a unique door hardware.

Koket for their pavilion at Maison&Object, choose black doors and gold handles, creates a very elegant door.


On their Divine armoire, the handles are in gilded bronze and create so many surprises. The shape of this door hardware is enigmatic..divine-armoire-2


The decorative elements are accessories that complete this vintage handle, the flowers connect to nature. The mixture between something so light and real material is so charming and makes it so desirable.

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These crystals are in fashion, the color is added to create a fantasy! The crystals door hardware is something classical but at the same time is an invitation to something that is so contemporary and unique. The reflections of what is surrounded are a beautiful game.


On the opposite side, this very modern and abstract door hardware in gray gives a very 20th-century taste, everything was new, everything looks like paintings, has patterns. Similar to the interiors very clean and luxuries. The door hardware reflects what is behind the door. These details say a lot!

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