The Best Luxury Italian Products 

 Luxury Italian Products 

We all know that Italian design has made its mark in the world and continues to grow! Luxury brands such as Armani/Casa or Fendi Casa are one of the main reasons for that! Today, Interior Decoration is going to show you some of their best products. Take a look:

Cabinets Boca do Lobo



The Best Luxury Italian Products 

During Salone Del Mobile the luxury Armani brand presented an almost ethereal sensation is conveyed by the reference to natural elements in motion with allusions to Japanese iconography: nature, hot springs, the shape of the tsuba (the Japanese sword guard), the shades of clouds, Asian landscapes with trees and hills that create infinity-effects, blended hues reminiscent of a sunset or reflections on the water.

The Best Luxury Italian Products Armani/Casa games are enhanced with new elements, such as the new Oracle labyrinth game and the fun Oneiros memory game. This set is composed of 28 pairs of cards, with one side depicting sketches of previous Armani/Privé and Giorgio Armani collections and the other featuring the texture of the Ginza wallpaper. It is the clean, pure shape that adds a unique, contemporary touch to the Onda chaise longue, whose unusual curvature evokes the lightness and fluidity of sea waves. An interplay of geometric weaves and floral adornments characterize the area dedicated to the table.

The Best Luxury Italian Products At the moment, the Italian Luxury brand is working on an elegant home decor collection with a range of exquisite furnishing with elegance and simplicity. Upholstery, beds, tables, and chairs are some of the home elements that can be bought.


The Best Luxury Italian Products These are the latest projects presented by the Luxury living Group – Fendi Casa: the Duke Sofa, the Ray sofa, Constellation Effe coffee table and also, the Domino Mirror.  The first one, the Duke sofa, expresses a contemporary mood in the version presented at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, offers broad storage armrests. Embellished by leather upholstery decorated with the all-over FF logo, they house concealed practical storage compartments lined with micro-fiber. Fashion and functionality come together to support the back cushion, a metal frame covered in leather with raw cut edges. The FENDI logo heat-stamped on the back and the metal zip brings the personality of the design to the fore.

The band of quilted leather with the all-over FF logo outlining the backrest cushions forms the feature of the new Ray sofa. Sporting clean-cut lines, this elegant sofa with removable covers can be customized down to the smallest detail. The metal plating embracing it, for example, is available in steel and gun-metal, Bronze Shadow, polished brass or Palladium finishes.

An iconic piece of the FENDI Casa collection revisited in a contemporary key, the new Constellation Effe coffee tables with transparent tops are produced in two diameters: 60 and 120 centimeters. The side structures, the ring supporting the top and the F is FENDI logo pattern is made of galvanized metal available in gun-metal, Bronze Shadow, polished brass and Palladium finishes.

An unexpected creative bubble brings the FENDI universe inside the home, and vice versa: reflections become a game in which shapes and colors deviate from their normal perspectives, are turned upside down and distorted on the same surface. An artistic, decorative interpretation of the Domino line of mirrors in a variety of shades (smoked, bronze, blue or green), with silvered beveled or convex curved surface. The steel frame is available in gun-metal, Bronze Shadow or Palladium finishes.






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