Get Ready For Summer With These Luxury Outdoor Brands 

 Luxury Outdoor Brands 

Summer is just around the corner which means that’s time to redecorate your outdoor space according to the new, freshest trends, colors and styles. Today, Interior Decoration will help you get the best outdoor space for eating, entertaining, or just relaxing. Take a look:



Get Ready For Summer With These Luxury Outdoor Brands At just a cursory glance, the Kobo collection, by the luxury brand Manutti, leaves a lasting impression on account of its seemingly classic design. Its technical complexity becomes apparent upon closer examination. The deep, plush seating with curved lines makes the 1-seater armchair and the 3-seater sofa extremely comfortable.



Get Ready For Summer With These Luxury Outdoor Brands The MOZAIX Collection by Kris Van Puyvelde for Royal Botania offers a luxurious atmosphere in all circumstances! The very first collection of outdoor furniture by founders Kris Van Puyvelde and Frank Boschman was inspired by English colonial furniture from Asia. “For a brand to shine, its name must also sparkle. Royal Botania made classic teak garden furniture, which we sold with pride. A little too proud perhaps, because the quality proposed was not the one we are selling today. This first collection … This furniture was so heavy. Just for the eye, they already seemed too heavy. We sold everything in the blink of an eye, but directly invested in better quality.”

royal botania


Get Ready For Summer With These Luxury Outdoor Brands BRABBU commits to the use of high-end materials to enhance its innovative design and emphasize the sensory experience throughout colors. Springtime refers to the idea of rejuvenation and quickly follows the fresh breath of summer. These two seasons are the inspiration to renew any kind of ambiance. It isn’t difficult to decorate a house when all their products adjust to a modern or eclectic style.



Get Ready For Summer With These Luxury Outdoor Brands Founded in 1966, the luxury outdoor brand Kettal has always had an intrinsic, intimate linking to design and especially innovation. Working with some of the most important names in the design industry, such as Patricia Urquiola and Jasper Morrison, to name just a few, Kettal is well-known for its innovative, unique and outdoor collections.

kettalVimini, an Italian word for wicker, is one of the latest collections to be released by the luxury brand, designed by the Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola. The name of the collections is also due to the sound of the word – Bimini, an Island in Bahamas Patricia Urquiola’s in love with. In this collection, it was used as the right amount of outdoor wicker with a rougher wooden frame, according to the designer. It doesn’t have the same modernist spirit as the Basket but it’s familiar enough that, when you get close, it stirs a memory and makes you feel at home. That’s what it was, more or less—an object of memory.



delightfullAn eye-catching touch to a big, bold and bright marquee letter design. A unique way of bringing a unique, colorful and cheerful touch to any exterior design project. With its stunning rainbow, neon effect, this versatile lighting design can be placed in the wall or on the floor. Coming with a large anti-reflective acrylic panel to protect the neons this collection has 1 meter and it’s handmade in acrylic and aluminum.


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