Design ideas for your home

We bring to you some design ideas to decorate your home, design lovers will love it.

Traditional and modern italian design, ornate, elegant, luxury or black white, sleek, clean-lined, less ornate.

Historically, renaissance design and architecture dates back to the early 15th century in florence, italy.  This design was dominated by architectural stone columns and elegant baroque stylings. Fast-forward to today’s italian-style homes, and you will still see, for example, this modern dining room as an example of modern italian sophistication.

Design ideas for your home1

If you are a traditional design lover, you will like this marble-coated bathroom with wonderful offerings of italian-style homes—both modern and old world.

 Design ideas for your home2

Italian-style homes are not just luxurious, they are literally layered in luxury from floor to ceiling—not a corner is missed. Old world italian homes have murano crystal chandeliers draping from paneled ceilings. Their walls feature ornate trim and one-of-a-kind painted murals, and floors are covered in glossy wood or marble with plush area rugs strewn about for added comfort.

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Old world italian style may sometimes seem over the top to those who prefer a more minimalist approach to decorating, however, the supreme elegance of italian style cannot be ignored with its refined columns, arched windows and tray ceilings.

Design ideas for your home4

Italian flooring reached a new level in decorative standards thanks in large part to its marble floor tiles, and that this was supported by the papacies requesting this tile for their church floors.

Today’s elegantly appointed homes cover their floors and walls in this veined, gleaming marble stone, and modern designs take advantage of these shiny stones to add glamour to their minimalist interiors.

Design ideas for your home5

Most of the home interiors that we have shown up to this point have been quite traditional in design, but modern design most definitely has a place in italian homes, too. Italian elegance and luxury certainly finds itself in the modern italian home.

Yes, the furnishings are more sleek and less ornate, however the same level of luxury remains through the supreme quality used in these homes. The modern italian design is more clean-lined, and a bit more black and white than its sister, the elegant traditionalist. However, there remains that added touch that screams luxury, such as an unexpected crystal chandelier, or gleaming accessory that you would not normally find in a minimalist modern home.

Design ideas for your home6

From 15th century florence to today, italian style remains exquisite. Its use of quality furnishings, artistic stone — the final outcome of combining all these elements results in elegance that will never go out of style.

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