Inside An Eclectic Mix Of Furniture Paris Loft

Inside An Eclectic Mix Of Furniture Paris Loft – This Paris Loft was designed by Florence Lopez and it has a 20th-century modernist design that features the most dazzling vintage furniture.


The Paris loft that I am about to show you belongs to the model Natacha Senechal and family, who after visiting the designer’s atelier she wanted to gather an eclectic mix of vintage furniture for her own place. Prepare to be amazed:

Inside An Eclectic Mix Of Furniture Paris LoftOne of the main features of the living room decor of this wonderful loft is, without doubt, the fireplace that was painted the same color as the walls. This was inspired in a Cubist mantel of one of Lopez’s showrooms. The armchair is a forty Gio Ponti newly upholstered in a woven wool from Kvadrat.

Inside An Eclectic Mix Of Furniture Paris LoftA skylit corner of the rooms boasts a stained pine library desk, two sixties Italian armchairs, and a tree. However, our favorite pieces are the two mid-century table lamps that create a modern look with a mid-century inspiration.

Lopez has also created a second, larger Albers-inspired Homage to the Square. She describes his work as temporal and fluid and has told Remodelista that the two murals “create a mirror effect—difficult to get across in photos but they make space feel bigger, even endless like you could see your hand disappear inside these perspective paintings.” Edward Wormley sofa mixed with the set of fifties freeform coffee tables provide a mid-century feeling to space.

On the dining room, the fifties swing arm sconce by French architect-designer Pierre Guariche creates a very contemporary feeling to the living space. A fifties two-toned Arne Norell sideboard was one of the first prized purchases for the loft. The double lamp is a thirties bakelite design that we absolutely love!

A bar opens the living area to the kitchen, where we can found custom cabinets and vintage bar stools. 

Inside An Eclectic Mix Of Furniture Paris LoftIn the two-toned master bedroom, Lopez added a Trompe-l’oeil homage to Ben Nicholson, an articulated lamp, and wall sconces by Meljac of Paris.

All in all, this Paris loft represents the perfect combination of vintage furniture and mid-century lighting, creating, therefore, a space with a unique design that marries everything that is artsy, sophisticated and refined.

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