Kartell: Luxury Design At Fuorisalone 2019


Kartell is a leading company in the world of “living culture” that has focused its attention on the topic of research, innovation, and the evolutionary processes of technology. And today, Interior Decoration is going to show you the outstanding exhibition presented at Fuorisalone 2019. Take a look:

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Kartell: Luxury Design At Fuorisalone 2019The ongoing dialogue between art and design that the brand has nurtured over its 70 years becomes the narrative for an exhibition that winds through eleven rooms, each characterized by an identity acquired from the combination of memory and contemporary. With the aid of a series of visual and semantic associations, the intensive exhibition route of “The art side of Kartell” is laid out like a drama play packed with multiple information which, beyond the conventional memory of the objects on exhibit, creates non-chronological hybrid and multifarious narratives.

Kartell: Luxury Design At Fuorisalone 2019It is no coincidence that this extensive history is played out in the Appartmento dei Principi in Milan’s Palazzo Reale, a superb specimen of a 19th-century royal residence. Designed by the court’s architect Giacomo Tazzini and decorated by many skilled craftsmen, painters and ornamentalists, the apartment constitutes an outstanding example of the “Restoration” style which originated directly in Vienna and inaugurated the “bourgeois” style of living. It is in this series of halls that “The art side of Kartell” narrates the evolutions of the language of art and the contemporary and specular evolution of Kartell designs. This immersive and vibrant exhibition investigates yesterday’s visions of the “future” in the form of objects, experiences and models of collective wisdom, archive materials and moving pictures, paintings, installations and performances, documents, prototypes and new jobs in a dialectic that associates analytical and formal processes.

Kartell: Luxury Design At Fuorisalone 2019 Kartell: Luxury Design At Fuorisalone 2019“I am highly honored – comments Claudio Luti, CEO of Kartell – to be able to celebrate our anniversary in an exhibition within the Palazzo Reale, a symbolic venue in Milan, for culture and international art. With the exhibition “The art side of Kartell”, we wanted to bring to Palazzo Reale a project that has an open perspective, investigating the relationship between Kartell and the world of art. This is a world that the brand has held close since the very beginning, and thanks to the work of the curators, it is precisely this relationship that the Exhibition explores, with the evolution of the Art in some ways mirroring the evolution of Kartell. I believe it is important to keep this relationship alive, a relationship that characterizes us and that stimulates us to think of objects that, in addition to being functional, can become an expression of second-level design, the object of other creativity, whatever the technique used”.

The exhibition opened on 9 April, the first evening of the Salone del Mobile 2019, but it will remain open to the public with free admission from 10 April to 12 May. In collaboration with ArtKids and Burabacio, Kartell has developed an educational exhibition itinerary aimed at primary school children.





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