New York City´s Most Expensive Rental Apartment Inside

Written by: Bruno Couto

We all know rentals in New York City are extremely high. The most expensive rental apartment is no exception but the exclusivity of this property makes it worth it. Located on The Pierre hotel, on the southeast corner of Central Park, this opulent full-floor apartment is a design masterpiece. It’s currently the most expensive rental apartment in Manhattan.

The iconic hotel is known for listing upscale properties, as the penthouse spot. Renting this apartment will grant you five-star hotel like benefits, such as maid service, access to a chauffeur and access to the iconic The Pierre’s storied rotunda, designed by Daniel Romualdez.

Let’s take a peek inside the luxurious apartment.

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The upscale apartment is decorated in silk and brocade fabrics. The lighting adds a classic touch to the design. All the detailing add luxury to the home. And that view!

The living room features rich materials, gold furniture and details. All completed with complementary patterns. The apartment has a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces.

The dining room has a luxurious vibe, the arm chairs and the chandelier fit extremely well in the all ambiance.

This luxury home has six bedrooms, six baths, and one half bath. All the bedrooms have access to a luxury bathroom.

And can you imagine waking up to this view? The property has a 360-degree view of Central Park.

For $5000,000 a  month this luxurious apartment can be yours!

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