The Best Design Projects By Peter Marino

The Best Design Projects By Peter Marino Peter Marino is one of the historical names of North-American and New York’s Interior Design. He founded in 1978 in New York City the Peter Marino Architect PLLC, an internationally acclaimed architecture, planning and design studio that also has several offices around the United States of America in major cities like Philadelphia or Miami.




The Best Design Projects By Peter Marino The Best Design Projects By Peter MarinoHis work has helped redefine modern luxury worldwide, emphasizing materiality, texture, scale, light and the constant dialogue between interior and exterior. That’s why this worldwide celebrated designer is widely considered one of the Top Designers of the World and his services are requested by the most iconic names in the fashion, businesses and art industries! That’s why Peter Marino has a rich catalog of Luxury Design Projects and today we’ll show you a few of them!

The collaboration between Marino and Bulgari isn’t new. This top designer was responsible for the projects of several Bulgari’s Stores around the Planet, but one of his biggest accomplishments during this partnership was the renovation of Bulgari’s flagship store on the iconic New York’s Fifth Avenue. This project presented a powerful challenge to Marino and that’s why he released his full creative vein and produced a stunning end result.

The Best Design Projects By Peter Marino

Another Top Commercial project in NYC by Marino is the iconic Chanel Flagship Store at 57th Street and Fifth. in 2006, this opulent  14,000 square foot boutique was entirely redesigned by architect Peter Marino. With golden tones and an opulent style that mimics Chanel, this Flagship Store is, till this day, one of the Most Iconic projects by Marino.

The Best Design Projects By Peter Marino Another recent Project of Marino that produced many Design Highlights was The Getty, an entire building project located on West 24th Street and 10th Avenue. The building designed by Marino consists of the Lehmann Maupin Art Gallery on the ground floor, an Art Foundation above that, and six unique residences with stunning interior architecture and designs also developed by Marino. Just take a look at those details, from Hardware to the Flowers!

Marino was also hired to design a suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York! Marino created a penthouse suite that reads like a multilayered, site-specific artwork—with virtually every decor detail and piece of furniture having been commissioned. The end result is stunning.

He was also responsible for designing an Art-Filled 1930’s Manhattan apartment, where he seamlessly integrated neoclassical tables and 18th-century chairs with the owners’ museum-worthy collection, which includes works by Henri Matisse, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, and Andy Warhol.

One of the most stunning and classical projects of Marino in New York is the following Residence. You may not know, but Classical Music is Marino’s passion, and he thinks about architecture much like a composer. He entirely reinvented a prewar Manhattan apartment by introducing an assemblage of first-rate furnishings, opulent masonry and finishes, and blue-chip art. In the dining room, sunburst mirrors and a 1999 Jason Martin painting accent the walls, which are covered in embossed-leather panelling with silver-gilt overleaf.

Peter Marino is also responsible for other amazing Residential Projects all around the City and all of the following represent a powerful and stunning Modern Decor that perfectly uses Color and Luxury Designs! Just take a look and admire his incredible work that stands out by the use of amazing Sofas and Chairs to balance the Modernity and the Opulence of his vision!

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