The Best Design Projects By Pieach Architect

Pieach Architect

Pieach Limited is a firm of architects and interior designers. Their goal is to create flexible, useful and meaningful environments that respond to their client’s requirements and enhance the context in which a building is located. Pieach Architect treats every project as a work of art, while at the same time keeping in tune with the client’s functional and personal wishes.


Written By André Castro




The Best Design Projects By Pieach ArchitectPieach Architect aims to provide a unique experience from the point of entry and guide the user in the functions to which each area might be put while providing the flexibility for multi-function. Pieach prides herself in never considering any project to be small; indeed, the more spatially challenging projects require more effort to bring them up to the standard of beauty and efficiency, which the firm has come to be known for. Many single- and multi-unit residential properties attest to this fact.

The Best Design Projects By Pieach ArchitectLuxury accommodation is a growing market in today’s world, with the advent of 7-star rating in the hotel and even airline industries.A market for luxury apartments has been created among Africa’s well-traveled upper class, and Pieach is perhaps best known for catering to this luxury. A long list of satisfied clients and a multitude of beautiful apartments, stunning pool terraces, and gardens, this firm continues to hold pride of place in the luxury design market.

The Best Design Projects By Pieach ArchitectUncompromising attention to detail and a holistic approach is therefore called for in all aspects of the design; from circulation and space management to choice of materials, Pieach provides just the kind of attention that earned her “Best Office Nigeria” award.

The Best Design Projects By Pieach ArchitectSelling is a business, but shopping for the customer is meant to be an experience and not a mere exchange of money for goods. It is imperative, therefore, that the design encourages that sense of wonder, of convenience and of luxury that reinforces the retailer’s message to the prospective buyer. Pieach seeks first to understand what that message is and then embody it in the architecture.




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Source: Pieach Architect

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