Flos: Timeless Italian Lighting Design

Flos: Timeless Italian Lighting Design – Founded in 1962, Flos (flower in Latin) aims to create objects, starting with a light bulb, that would change the way of life for both the Italian market and the foreign markets. Their lighting design collections offer iconic and innovative lamps for home, outdoor lighting, and architectural lights. Today we are going to present you some of their best products. Take a look:

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Flos: Timeless Italian Lighting DesignTable lamp providing diffused light. Frame in brass, brushed and transparent varnished or chrome steel. Blown glass opal diffuser. Dimmer on the power chord.

Injection molded polymethylmethacrylate clear transparent base and diffuser. Edge Lighting technology light source. Power cord length 200 cm, with a dimmer switch that provides ON-OFF functions and 10-100 % light adjustment


Flos: Timeless Italian Lighting DesignThis floor lamp provides direct light. Pressed, polished and zapon-varnished aluminum swiveling and height-adjustable reflector.

Floor lamp providing adjustable direct light. Power cord length 260 cm, with foot dimmer switch that provides ON-OFF functions and 10-100% light adjustment. Plug-in power supply with interchangeable plug.

Floor lamp providing diffused light. Diffuser consisting of an externally acid-etched, hand blown, flashed opaline glass and a die-cast threaded ring nut with alodine plating finish.  On the cable, there is the electronic dimmer which allows the regulation of light brightness.


Flos: Timeless Italian Lighting DesignDiffused direct/indirect-light wall lighting device. Available in white-painted or chrome-plated for indoor version and dark brown-painted or dark gray-painted for outdoor version. High-efficiency lenses specially designed for the application, non-replaceable. 

Ceiling/wall lighting fixture, providing diffused light. The front diffuser is made of high efficiency, injection molded opal Polycarbonate. For decorative purposes, an optional accessory made of PC and ABS+PC is made available in 4 different finishes: chrome, copper, black fumée and transparent.

Wall/ceiling lamp providing direct and reflected light. The structure is formed by 5 pressed polished aluminum triangles. Steel wall/ceiling fitting and rose.


Suspension lamp providing diffused lighting. In this version the light emission can be adjusted by means of a mechanical movement that opens the louvers, thereby varying the shape of the luminaire.

Suspended light fitting. Body in varnished aluminum sheet, shade in photo-etched optical polycarbonate.The cable has a useful length of 9 meters and thus the lamp can be suspended 3 meters from the ceiling.

Flos: Timeless Italian Lighting DesignDiffuse light suspended lighting device. Each component can be connected to the power pack by means of an electrical and mechanical connection system designed for customizable product set-up. 

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