Beautifull outdoor lighting design ideas

Delightfull introduce you their GALLIANO | WALL lamp is an impressive design inspired in jazz music, the wall lamp as a unique shape combined with iron material and the finishings black matte and gold powder.Lamps Galliano

This beautifull design piece connects vintage taste with the glamour of artistically life. In every place it creates special atmospheres.1
Lighting Outdoor design ideas are strectly influenced with the light of the day or night. Night is the stage for spectacular effects. 2
Lamps are like art, we have an installation full of light and inspiring. The garden stays with a very special ambiance, very contemporary image.

COLTRANE wall lamp is an example how contemporary design mixture Art, Music. This steel structure combines with black matte and gold powder paint Jazz rythm.


Also light is part of design piece, complets the drawing and the materials. It creates special ambiances and it gives amusement.3Lamps are contemporary furniture, creating surprise and special emotions.images33

The shape is completed with it, this outdoor lamp is irresistable!!


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